Howlite (light blue)

It is mainly used for relieving the different types of stress and anxieties. It is a great antidote to insomnia because of an overexcited mind. The stone can also help those with having the difficulty in concentrating. The stone’s soothing energy can even pacify outbursts of anger and irritation. Its main use is to aid in interacting with aggressive and argumentative people on a daily basis.

Howlite is linked with the Crown chakra, aiding you to uplift the levels of quietness and focus. Thus, it improves your ability to awaken and remain more aware. By opening your mind to a greater level of energy and wisdom, the stone is believed to play a big role in one’s spiritual growth.

Howlite is an attunement stone that associates one with upper spiritual consciousness. It stands for reasoning and discernment. It opens the mind to obtain the wisdom and different energies of attunements.

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