Our Healing Crystal Grid Pack contains everything you need to make a healing crystal grid aimed at DETERMINATION & WILLPOWER.

Each pack contains all the gemstones and crystals you need (13 in total), PLUS a free .pdf downloadable crystal grid document that will be sent to you after purchase of 6 x Earthstore Mandala Healing Grids as shown in the pictures.


EARTHSTORE GRID PACK contents are as follows:

  • 1 x CLEAR QUARTZ Point as your 'Master' centre point of your Grid
  • 4 x Blood Stone tumbled gemstones
  • 2 x Selenite chunks
  • 2 x Malachite polished tumbled gemstones
  • 2 x Fluorite polished tumbled gemstones
  • 2 x Tiger Eye polished tumbled gemstones
  • 6 x Mandala Crystal Grids (.pdf format sent by email) including:
    • Golden Spiral (Colour)
    • Metatron's Cube (Colour)
    • Seed of Life (Colour)
    • Flower of Life (Colour)
    • Flower of Life (Black & white)
  • BONUS: 10 x additional Mandala Crystal Grid templates (sent in .pdf format) by Lisa Shea


It's really important to note, Earthstore crystals and gemstones are ALL LARGE SIZE, unless otherwise specified. The stones are appx 20mm-30mm and graded.


Our crystals have been specially chosen aimed at the healing protection you require.  Other Grid Sets include:

  • CONFIDENCE (growing your confidence to tackle difficult situations / people)


Our Mandala Grids are aimed to help you arrange your gemstones or crystals using set geometric patterns which are designed to amplify the power and energy of your chosen crystals and gemstones.


The layous are designed with psychic protection in mind for whichever area or topic you need the universe to help you with. Generally, at the centre of the grid should contain a picture or written description of the item, person or topic you are seeking to protect or assist. Alternatively, you can set your intention and use visualisation in your mind.


Amethyst or Quartz are both powerful and  perfect for the center "Master" stone  on your Grid.  You can decide the layout of your gemston