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Yulia Van Doren is a Grammy-nominated musician and sound healer. Her work has received extensive international acclaim, including features by the New York Times, Financial Times and Huffington Post, among many others. Passionate about holistic wellness, Yulia launched Goldirocks, a modern crystal brand, via Instagram in 2015. With a unique focus on presenting crystal healing in a modern, accessible and relatable style, Goldirocks has rapidly risen in popularity to became one of the most visible crystal brands, with a loyal following of celebrities and holistic wellness gurus. Yulia presents workshops, performances, and private healing sessions worldwide and is based in Northern California.



I don't normally write a review so quickly after receiving an item, but I thought I should in this case! What a beautiful book this is. The pictures are first class and it's a quality hardback. I'm writing this review to advise potential purchasers to purchase the book rather than the kindle version.
I do purchase some books on kindle, normally if the price is substantially cheaper than the "real" version, in this case the price difference is 25p, also with something like this, with lots of pictures in I wouldn't ever consider a kindle version
With the book the photos are viewable at the same time as the text for the particular crystal being discussed.


This book is AMAZING. It is quite literally the most beautiful and easy-to-use crystal book I've ever read (and I've read a ton, I'm a longtime crystal collector and general metaphysical junkie!).

The design is absolutely gorgeous, clean and very modern -- not "clutter-y" like so many crystal books.
I am in love with the way that the individual crystal pages are laid out. Super cute and clear. Each crystal page lists:
- the main "traits" of each crystal (for instance, under Agate: Protection + Courage + Strength + Grounding)
- color variations
- largest modern source(s)
- Chakra(s) each crystal resonates to (love this!)
- Special care recommendations (for instance, whether sunlight fades the crystal)
- whether water exposure is safe for the crystal -- THIS IS EXTREMELY HELPFUL INFORMATION WHICH IS NOT EASILY FOUND!!
- several paragraphs focusing on the crystal's metaphysical qualities
- and finally, a "Notes" section with practical information such as what form the crystal is found in, historical info, common alternate names, etc.

Additionally, each of the 50 featured crystals gets its own gorgeous, full-page photograph. This alone sets the book apart -- I've never seen a crystal book use this format of having full-page, high-fashion-esque photography. The aesthetic is very Kinfolk, Goop, Darling magazine... okay okay, maybe (definitely!) there's more of the color pink used than Kinfolk magazine would have, but it's still on the same wavelength (and who doesn't love pink?!).

The author's writing is really great, personable, and I really love that she picked out specific points to focus on with each crystal. I find that a lot of crystal books have rather an "overload" of information for each crystal, which can leave me overwhelmed and confused. If you're not familiar with her, the author is @goldirocks.co on instagram, which is where I first learned of her. I'm a huge fan (obviously)! I love the way she shares inspirational info about crystals and crystal healing.

The front part of the book is a great basic intro to crystals and crystal healing, including a fantastic section with specific recommendations of crystals for each room of the house, crystals for various activities (like work, travelling etc), and crystal gifts appropriate for different occasions. Again, have never seen this info anywhere else and I LOVE IT! Also really love the section on crystal chakra healing...

Yeah, I'm totally in love with this book. My only complaint is that it features just 50 crystals -- I'm already ready for a Volume 2! That being said, it definitely covers all of my favorite crystals.

Oh, and the price is amazing for a book of this quality, it's hardback with lovely matte pages and gold foil on the cover. What's not to love?!
Thanks, Goldirocks, for creating the most beautiful crystal guide ever made!


CRYSTALS: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia van Doren (hardback)


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