Authentic Shungite Cubes from Karelia in Russia.

All our Shungite is purchased from either one ethical UK family mineral wholesale business or direct from Karelia Mine in Russia. We have full provenance of our Shungite supply.


There is so much stuff written about Shungite and avaiable on the web, so I decided to write my own summary gathering facts from a variety of credible sources. Making it easier for my customers to read key information before buying. Please email or message and request our Shungite 101 guide


This is a polished cube.


  • A powerful energy wide-radius shield against 5G microwaves and EMF in your home or at work. Ideal to combat harmfull electronic waves from modems, routers, TVs, game consuls smart devices
  • Can be used to help structure water in your bath for people who want to infuse themselves in Shungite water for health benefits.
  • Use at work - on your desk. Protect yourself from screen, PC, laptop and other electronic devices


For more information about Shungite (raw ore, silver, Elite, Noble and glassy), it's healing properties along with a bit of histore on this unique and wonderful stone from deep within Mother Earth, request our Shungite 101 Guide


Appx: 0.56Kg ( 560gms)

Size: 65mm x 65mm

Finish: polished