Back on the shop and a much more improved eco friendly product.


A unique Earthstore product: 6 x small colour and black & white Crystal Grids, printed on thick 120gm eco-stock photographic paper, not laminated as we did before, so keeping the cost down as well as our plastic use.


Ideal to take with you on holiday, when away from home. OR Ideal for window sills, small areas in your home, on a coffee table, conservatory, bed side cabinet, indeed wherever you want a grid can fit in a small or limited space area. Camping or glamping or caravan.


The grids come with 50gms of crystal chips which include many varieties of crystal stone chips.

We guarantee there is a minimum of 1 clear quartz master crysal in the pack. But most packs have more than one. See photos.

We also send you by email a set of 12 Liz Shea Crystal Grid Mandalas free of cost.


Pack contents:

6 x printed Crystal Grids

50gms crystal chips

Email: 12 full size Liz Shea Crystal Grid Mandalas



Increase Crystal Chip bag weight to 100gms or 200gms


Note: our bags are biodegradable and recyclable

Note: these grids are not suitable for outdoor use

Note: the stones shown in the pictures are representative of what you will get and for illustration purposes only.

NEW Unique Small Room Travel Crystal Grid Pack. 6 x Grids and Crystal Chip Pack