This item is called Elite Shungite or Noble Shungite or sometimes Silver Shungite. Very distinctive from Shungite ore or raw Shungite which more resembles anthracite or coal.

Experts claim you need appx 50g of Elite Shungite for every 1 litre of water you want to purify.


FACT: Your Shungite will last a lifetime, you do NOT need to replenish your stones - this is a marketing generated myth. FACT: Carbon and the contained Fullerenes in Shungite does not break down over time and has been on the planet for over 2 billion years.


Earthstore sell its bags in 50g, 100g and 150g weights, weights are appx but never below the stated amounts. We buy by the 15Kg sack from the mine and then quality check and hand pack each pouch of Shungite.

We also have larger single item pieces of Elite Shungite for water bottles you carry around.

IMPORTANT: Shungite used for structuring drinking water is called GRAVEL, they are small and sometimes tiny pieces of Noble Elite Shungite. See picture 3 for comparison and size. Shungite doesn't float, it sinks, even the tiny pieces. Once SIEVED AND WASHED and added into your water jug, they remain on the bottom and even after stirring, they will always settle on the bottom.


  • Shungite Karelian Shungite C60
  • Healing - Relaxing - Meditation
  • Karelian  Shungite Authenticity Guaranteed


This is high quality Elite Shungite approximately 95%-98% C60 Fullerene content.  I confidently guarantee the Authenticity of the Shungite that Earthstore trades.

Earthstore buys directly from the government owned mine in Russia or from the main importer to the UK, which is a family-owned, ethically responsible wholesaler.


Elite shungite is a healing natural mineral rare special structure - Fullerene C60, mined by hand. The only Deposit (in the world) which is located in the Republic of Karelia, in the small village called Shunga.


It's a fragile mineral, the larger the pieces the more valuable they are. Large pieces of this shungite you can also find in our eStore. 
Real Elite Shungite is not extracted in other regions or countries except the Republic of Karelia. There are unfortunately a lot of fake product doing the rounds on auction sites and online. The price tag is the only give-away that it is fake or if you are able to spot the difference, which I admit is difficult.

No cleaning agents have been used, so this Elite Shungite has a natural color (dark grey) and may have small inclusions of quartzite. Also an integral part of the Elite or Noble Shungite is a small barely noticeable signs of rust. This rust can be easily cleaned with water and brush if you feel it's necessary.


According to various scientific research organisations, shungite has the ability to purify water from pesticides, alcohols, phenol, petroleum products, heavy metal compounds, as well as chlorine, sulfur oxide and other substances harmful to the human body, to disinfect and purify water from bacteria, spores, protozoa , but thanks to a fullerene crystal lattice saturates with necessary trace elements and protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.


Earthstore provide an information sheet along with the product that gives you a couple of methods for safely cleaning your Shungite before first use.


General Information about Shungite

Elite Shungite is a mineral consisting of 96-98% of carbon.

Shungite is a two billion year old algae that lived in oceans and stored the energy of sunlight. Shungite can onlybe found in a single area: in the village of Schunga, in Karelia, Russia. 

Like diamonds, Shungite consists of carbon, the basic building block of all life. The mysterious quintessence of Shungite are the fullerenes. To date, naturally occurring fullerenes have only been found in Shungite. The importance of this is confirmed by three scientists for the research and synthesis of the fullerenes. They received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. 

Fullerenes fight free radicals and clean the body. Even the smallest doses of fullerene are as effective as much larger amounts of other antioxidants. Beauty and vitality are preserved andwell-being occurs. 

Shungite is an exclusive mineral for protection against radiation / electrosmog.  It effectively disinfects water. Shungite water contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body. In crystal healing Shungite works on all levels. 


“Shungite is the planet’s gift. It is planetary-celestial alchemy.... After awhile this planet has created alchemy known as Shungite. And Shungite is the representation of every crystal that has ever been experienced by every being living being on this world past, present and future, so it is every crystal put in to one. Just as we are having our awakening, the crystal and mineral community is also having their own awakening.


Their process is just happening before our frequency of time is coming into existence. That is why there is a manifestation of Shungite in general. It is there for the people to use. But even the mount of Shungite that isn’t used, it is still doing its mineral community purpose, which is ascending those beings who are becoming Shungite beings...and Shungite is a sample encoding of infinite energy into a finite object....” - Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian, August 1, 2016



Cosmis Reality show
Andrew Bartzis
Ever Beyond radio


Authentic Shungite from Karelia in Russia.

There is so much stuff written about Shungite and avaiable on the web, so I decided to write my own summary gathering facts from a variety of credible sources. Making it easier for my customers to read key information before buying.


For more information about Shungite (raw ore, silver, Elite, Noble and glassy), it's healing properties along with a bit of histore on this unique and wonderful stone from deep within Mother Earth, click HERE

150g Elite Noble Shungite for purifying drinking water

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  • Earthstore provide an information sheet along with the product that gives you a couple of methods for safely cleaning your Shungite before first use.

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